Machine Repair Service

You can count on GAPCO’s expert team of certified technicians to handle all of your strapping and stretch wrapping machine repairs. For over 40 years, GAPCO’s technicians have worked on all major brands of machines across the United States.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Repairs

Our technicians are trained to work on most major makes and models of stretch wrappers including Lantech, Wulftec, Cousins, and our own brand of TRANSFORMER machines.

The types of stretch wrapping machines that we service include, but is not limited to:

  • Fully-automatic stretch wrappers
  • Semi-automatic stretch wrappers
  • Rotary Arm stretch wrappers
  • Turntable stretch wrappers
  • High and low profile stretch wrappers

Strapping Machine Repairs

GAPCO’s technicians are also certified to work on most major brands of strapping machines and strapping machine heads for fully automated systems.  This includes Strapack, Signode, and more.  It’s important to keep your machines up and running.  You can trust GAPCO to ensure your lines stay up, and you reduce your costly downtime.

Routine Maintenance Programs

Some of our customers prefer to schedule routine maintenance on their machines.  At GAPCO we can work with you to design a custom maintenance plan to increase the longevity of your machinery investments.  During these regularly scheduled maintenances our trained technicians will inspect the components of your machines and ensure they’re all in proper working order.  By identifying worn parts before they fail, GAPCO will keep your machines up and running for longer.  Contact Us Today to learn more about these programs and how they could be a good fit for your business.


Your strapping and stretch wrapping machines are an important part of your business.  We’ll help you get your operations get back up and running as quickly as possible.  For service you can trust, count on us.

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