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Alternatives to Steel Strapping

Many business are looking for alternatives to steel strapping hen securing their goods for shipment.  Steel strapping continues to see all-time high prices with price increases project to continue into the foreseeable future.  Many factors are contributing to these price increases including labor shortages, logistical issues, and increased prices of raw materials.  Fortunately, there are […]

What is Polypropylene Strapping?

Benefits of TEWE Polypropylene Strapping Not all strapping is created equal, and that’s why at GAPCO we supply TEWE Polypropylene.  TEWE is dust-free by design, which increases your machine’s uptime and reduces your downtime due to cleaning out your machines. TEWE features consistently high quality, high breaking strength, and consistent manufacturing specifications to guarantee a […]

Steel to Polyester Strapping Conversion

Polyester vs. Steel Strapping Polyester strapping, commonly referred to as PET, has grown in popularity across many industries and applications.  GAP-CO prides itself on being an expert in steel to polyester strapping conversions, with many successful conversions across the United States.  We supply only the highest quality polyester strapping for our customers, which comes with […]