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TYCOON® Polyester Strapping

Wherever highest standards are called for, customers throughout the country rely on GAPCO’s strapping. Storage and transport impact your goods in various ways. Influences such as rocking motions, temperature differences, and exposure to sunlight may have adverse effects on packaging integrity. To counteract these factors, TEUFELBERGER developed TYCOON® PET, a comprehensive range of polyester strapping products.


More than 40 years of experience in the solution-oriented development and production of plastic strapping products gives you the decisive advantage: the superior quality of TYCOON® strapping keeps your machine up and running, reliably and safely, at all times. Being the biggest system-independent manufacturer and operating a global network, we have the ideal strapping solution for your particular need and line of business.


We provide full support to help you solve complex situations and technical issues in your market. Strapping products and their use are what we specialize in. We are always there for you: whether to provide support in the implementation of projects, or to prepare solutions for machine-related problems. Our sales team, product managers, and application engineers are competent and solution oriented.


TYCOON® PET is superior to steel strapping
No damage to packaged goods
Innovative 1-2 strap packaging: fast and safe opening – helps save time and money
Solutions custom-tailored to your application
TYCOON® PET: for all machines and applications
Highly specialised
High-quality strapping for use on automatic strapping machines
Expertise for users
Training courses for partners


Fast coil changes thanks to direction indicator
Coils remain compact during the entire assembly process
Less packaging waste

1. Mounting the coil
2. Removing the protective packaging and inserting the end of the strapping in a single step