WCA – Wave Automatic Stretch Wrapper

– Eliminate downtime DUE TO FILM CHANGEOVER
With our carrousel mounted film carriage system, eliminate the downtime created by film loading. Comes with up to 4 complete NO-THREAD® powered pre-stretch film carriages that work alternatively, for continuous-operation film reloading.   When the machine processes one roller, it automatically replaces the empty spool with a new roll without missing a beat or requiring operator intervention.

– Human-Safe loading zone
Operator exposure to moving parts during operation is eliminated with our human-safe film loading zone. The film loading zone is now outside of the wrapping zone and is equipped with its own safety devices which do not interfere with the wrapping process. Therefore, the operator can reload the stretch film roll without stopping the machine operation while being 100% safe. Category 3 safety package included.

– Versatility
With up to 4 carriages on the same system, customers can pre-set wrap patterns to use the different carriages for different needs:
Different film sizes (20″, 30″, 40″)
Different film thickness
Different prestretch levels
Diffferent film colors
Logos, etc..