Non-Contact Thermometers for COVID-19 Workplace Screening

Using Non-Touch Thermometers to Screen Employees at Work

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the United States.  Many businesses have been temporarily closed during this pandemic as the government continues to find solutions to flatten the curve.  Many states have been under State of Emergency declarations by their governors, restricting travel and hours of operation for non-essential businesses.America is now starting to slowly reopen.  Many businesses are implementing best practices for ensuring the safety of both their employees and customers as they continue to navigate this unprecedented and difficult time.

As local businesses reopen, they are utilizing CDC best practices and guidelines.  These practices include promoting healthy hygiene by wearing face masks and washing hands, utilizing social distancing, and developing new safety protocols for all employees.

States such as Michigan have mandated COVID-19 temperature screening programs for staff in their executive orders.  These procedures and best practices will continue to be implemented as more businesses across the united states open their doors.  By following COVID-19 Testing Guidance from the FDA, CDC, and EEOC, businesses can safely and legally screen for COVID-19.

By using non-contact thermometers, businesses can safely and effectively screen their employees and customers.  They offer a multitude of benefits and are packed with features that make accurate temperature readings easy and hassle-free.

Some examples of non-contact thermometers are shown below:

Non-Contact Thermometers

R701 Medical Grade Thermometer

R701 Medical Grade Thermometer
  • 1 second response time
  • CE/FDA/CFDA certified
  • LED display
  • High temperature warning

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Non-contact Thermometer
  • CE/FDA certified
  • High temperature warning
  • LED display
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit Display

Non-contact thermometers are an efficient solution when you are looking to implement temperature screenings into your place of business.  They are one of the many different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items that GAP-CO offers to its customers.  You can find a complete list of our PPE products Here.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of PPE products to help you reopen your business or implement COVID-19 best practices into your ongoing operations, GAP-CO can help you.  Contact Us Today for additional information, quotes, and more.  We’d love the opportunity to help your business.