Implementing Social Distancing Measures in Your Workplace

In the wake of COVID-19 new challenges are facing businesses as they look to reopen their facilities and keep both employees and customers safe.  Implementing social distancing measures is a practice that will become the new normal for the foreseeable future.  Use this list of social distancing practices that are easy and efficient to implement in your own place of business.

CDC COVID-19 Guidance For Business and Employees

The CDC has written an interim guidance on strategies and recommendations for employers responding to COVID-19.  The entire article can be found here.

It outlines on how to best return to normal business operations if you were interrupted by COVID-19.  Key things for your plan to remember from the CDC guidelines are:

  • Is specific to your workplace
  • Identifies all areas and job tasks with potential exposures to COVID-19, and
  • Includes control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposures

This includes activities and measures to decrease the potential spread of COVID-19.  Your implementations should also:

  • Prevent and reduce transmission among employees
  • Maintain healthy business operations, and
  • Maintain a healthy work environment

Creating Socially Distanced Workstations With Safety Shields

A quick and easy method for ensuring your maintaining socially distanced workstations for your employees is distancing them in your office or place of business.  By implementing a 6-foot distance between workstations, you will be following the CDC’s guidelines for maintaining the recommended distance to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

To further protect both your employees and customers, you can install safety shields that provide a barrier between people.  Safety Shields also have the option for pass-through holes built at their base, allowing for documents and other objects to be passed between people.  Coming in a variety of sizes, safety shields can fit a wide range of applications for your business, with tabletop options that come in multiple sizes to accommodate different sized workstations.

Installing Hand-washing and Sanitizing Stations

It’s important to educate employees on the importance of following proper hygiene in the workplace and at home.  Implementing sanitization stations in your workplace and providing resources such as sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer helps prevent the spread of germs and other contaminants.  This allows employees to easily clean many personal objects such as cellphones and keys.

Hand Sanitizer Gel - 16 oz bottle

Worker Temperature Checks with Non-contact Thermometers

Many businesses are requiring temperature checks for their employees and customers with non-contact infrared thermometers.  By checking for fevers and creating new workplace rules for sick employees to stay home, businesses can prevent the spread of illnesses including COVID-19.  Temperature checks may raise legal and privacy issues, so it is best to consult additional resources and look to your own state’s guidelines when implementing temperature checks of your employees and/or customers.  Additional information on the non-contact infrared thermometers that GAP-CO supplies can be found here.

Personal Protective Equipment for Social Distancing Measures

Additionally, GAPCO provides many of the PPE Products to help reopen your business post-COVID-19.  From disposable gloves and thermometers to hand sanitizers and face masks, we stock everything you need for your unique business challenges.

Contact us today for additional information on our products.  We look forward to helping you reopen your business.